Orthodontic treatment for adults

Teeth can be straigtened your entire life

An increasing number of adults decide to have their teeth straightened and bite corrected. Beautiful and well-maintained teeth do not only mean that you’ll get a nice and youthful smile but is also a symbol of health and vitality. It is important to note that teeth remain healthier if positioned correctly.

Treatment with braces

To fulfill an orthodontic treatment thorough examination, analysis and planning is necessary to choose the most effective and aesthetically pleasing treatment for you. Our wish is to achieve the best possible result.

As in architecture, precise planning is the foundation of a successful outcome. Facial harmony and dental aesthetics are of particular importance in planning your treatment. As important as aesthetics, is optimal function of your teeth, jaw joints, and muscles to ensure your long-term dental health.

Solely “crooked” teeth in adults can be treated without surgery. Adult patients with jaw discrepancies (i.e., Size and/or position), surgical correction (orthognathic surgery) may be necessary. In this case, teeth will be aligned with braces first. Then the orthognathic surgeon will correct the position of the jaws.

Cooperation between the orthodontist and surgeon can lead to great results, even in difficult situations. Our goal is to give each patient the best possible treatment. This means that we plan your treatment depending on your individual needs and situation.

What to look for when choosing your orthodontist

There are different ways to practice orthodontics, and orthodontists may pursue a variety of different goals. Though it is possible to achieve an attractive smile through tooth alignment alone, a patient’s new smile will not last if their bite is not corrected at the same time. If not corrected, problems such as crooked teeth, gum issues, jaw joint degeneration and tooth wear can (re)occur.

We value the trust our patients give us and, therefore, use the time necessary to complete a thorough preliminary examination and diagnostics so we can give you the best guidance when deciding whether you want to start your treatment with us. We focus on carrying out all procedures optimally, and our primary goal is to give our patients a healthy bite and an attractive smile. This is done by ensuring that your teeth are well positioned in healthy bone and in correct relation to your jaw joints by the end of your treatment.

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Types of braces

There are both visible and almost invisible braces. The type of braces you get depends on your needs and wishes.
We will talk about the different options at the initial/preliminary consultation.

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