Becktor Specialtandlæger. Strandvejen 102B, 3.sal. 2900 Hellerup.

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Becktor Specialtandlæger
Office exclusively for orthodontics and oral surgery

We offer the following treatments:
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Most people seek orthodontic care for a great smile.
Though an attractive smile is an important treatment goal, orthodontics is also about the long-term health of your chewing system.
Our primary goal is to give you both a great smile and a healthy long-lasting bite.
We are committed to providing the best possible treatment using state-of-the art orthodontics in a caring, friendly environment.

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Tandregulering – børn

Danish Health and Medical Authority has described the malocclusions which are covered by the public system. However it is important to note that these criteria have been restricted, and therefore many adolescents how are rejected, not only suffer from an aesthetic malocclusion, but also may have functional problems and/or tooth wear.
It is important not to miss the correct biologic timing for initiation of orthodontic treatment. We recommend that you book a consultation if your child has been rejected from public treatment, or has been on a waiting list for a long period.

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Tand,- Mund og kæbekirurgi
Oral Surgery

Oral maxillofacial surgeons are dentist who have a five-year postgraduate training in addition to their normal dental degree.
Oral maxillofacial surgeon Jonas Becktor is exclusively working with oral surgery. At the office we offer all kinds of oral surgery, that can be performed in local anaesthesia. These procedures are most frequently; implant installation, removal of wisdom teeth, root resection, exposure of impacted teeth and removal of cysts.

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We have 20 years of experience with dental implant treatment.
Implant treatment is performed in collaboration with you general dentist; accordingly it is frequently your general dentist who refers to us. Oral maxillofacial surgeon Jonas Becktor is responsible for the surgical part of the treatment, whereas you general dentist is responsible for the prosthetic part.

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