Choosing the right braces

Finding the solution that fits you the best

Your bite, the position of your teeth, and the shape of your face are essential factors in choosisng which type of braces is best for your othodontic treatment. In some cases there can be severeal treatment options, and in other only one type of treatment is possible. We always take our point of departure in your specific teeth alignment, when we choose which type of braces you need. In cooperation with you we’ll find the option which suits you and your expectations the best.

If you wish to explore the different types of braces we offer, find out more below.

Conventional brackets

The most common brackets are the ones made of metal, which are placed on the front of your teeth. These brackets have been used for more than 50 years, and are therefore developed to move the teeth optimally. Although the brackets look the same, there are many different types. For that reason, we make an individual set-up for each patient in order to optimize the orthodontic treatment. The conventional brackets we use are called Low Profile Victory from 3M Unitek.

Ceramic brackets

The ceramic brackets are placed on the front of the teeth. Therefore, they are not completely invisible, but they are more aesthetic than the conventional metal brackets. The ceramic brackets we use are called Clarity Advanced from 3M Unitek.

Lingual braces

The invisible braces we offer are from a German company called Win®. The advantage with the fixed invisible braces is that they are placed on the backside of the teeth, and thus invisible. In addition, we can more precisely and more efficiently move the teeth with fixed invisible braces, compared to removable aligners.

Though the smaller adjustments, which often is necessary at the end of treatment, can not always be carried out exclusively with this type of braces. This means that you might need a short period with ceramic brackets on the front of your teeth.

Removable retainers

Aligners are clear, removable retainers used in orthodontic treatments when dealing with the correction of minor teeth alignments. The retainers are made based on a scan of your teeth, which means they are tailored to you. They make it possible to, in an almost invisible way, to correct and improve your smile.

The aligners we offer are from Spark. Spark Clear Aligners is developed based on more than 50 years of experience within the orthodontic field. The Spark aligners are shaped and polished especially for you, this means that you’ll almost won’t notice them while wearing them.

From a quick scan of your current teeth alignment, our orthodontist will develop a treatment plan. Then we’ll send the scan and plan to Spark, who will then create the aligners. Use the aligners as recommended, and you’ll quickly see how your teeth and smile will change.


Teeth have a tendency too move back to their original position as soon as the braces are removed. This is called a “relapse”. To avoid this, retainers are used in order to keep the theeth in their new position. When the braces are removed, every patient get a bonded retainer on the back of their teeth.

The type of retainer chosen depends on the necessity of each patient. Regardless of which kind of retainer you get, they are just as important as the braces itself was during your treatrment. So please make sure you wear them as prescribed.

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