Welcome to our office!

This webpage is designed to help our new patients- and younger patients’ parents understand which treatments we offer.

Please remember we are always on hand to guide you smoothly through your treatment. You can contact us at any time through this website, by email or by phone. We will always give you clear, reliable advice.

Specialtandlægerne Becktor & Becktor
Strandvejen 116A
2900 Hellerup
Phone: +45 3940 7161

The office is located on the corner between Strandvejen and A. N Hansens Allé. Entrance A. N. Hansens Allé.

Christmas Opening Hours:
22.-23. december and 30. december 2014.
For emergencies please refer to: Patient information.

The office has four clinics where one is designed as an operating Theater in order to be able to work under optimal sterile conditions.

In addition the office has a Cone beam CT 3-D imaging system installed. The 3-D image generated provides precise information on the anatomical situation and enables both precise diagnosis and the development of an appropriate treatment plan.

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