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Karin Binner Becktor

Karin Becktor

I really enjoy working closely with children, teenagers and adults. Orthodontics will never be boring to me – after all, it is a profession which offers opportunities to learn continuously and use ever-increasing experience to achieve better and better results. Orthodontics is everything a profession should be: Challenging, rewarding and inspiring!”

Offering the best possible treatment is my highest priority. I appreciate the importance of keeping up with cutting edge research and technology, and continuing education therefore plays an important role in my professional life. I frequently attend and lecture at leading international conferences on orthodontics and related fields.

1990 DDS
1998 Orthodntist
2004 Ph. D.
2014 Active member Angle Society Europe

Foreningen af specialtandlæger i ortodonti
European Orthodontic Society
American Association of Orthodontists
World Federation of Orthodontists

Limited primarily to craniofacial growth and tooth eruption.

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Speaker at the following meetings and congresses:
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Jonas Peter Becktor

Jonas Becktor
1988 DDS
2001 Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon
2007 med.dr fra Göteborgs Universitet
2012 Formand for dansk selskab for tand-, mund- og kæbekirurgi

Dansk selskab for tand-, mund- og kæbekirurgi
Foreningen af specialtandlæger i tand-, mund- og kæbekirurgi

Other positions:
Docent klinikchef Avd. För käkkirurgi och Oral Medicin, Odontologiska fakulteten Malmö, Sweden

Limited primarily to implant treatment and bone augmentation.

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Rikke Gry Rørvig
I am educated as a dental hygienist from the University of Copenhagen 2002.

I have had positions as a dental hygienist in Switzerland, in the Danish public system and at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Copenhagen.

Since 2007 I have been working at Becktor’s office, where I in close collaboration with Karin Becktor treat our orthodontic patients.

The last 10 years I have been working exclusivity with orthodontics. Orthodontics has become my professional niche, and I find my job exciting, challenging, fun and stimulating.

Offering the best treatment techniques is of outmost importance to me. To stay on the cutting edge, continuing education plays an important role in my professional life. I frequently attend international and national conferences in orthodontics and related fields.

Sif Nielsen

Dental assistant Graduated 2012, University of Copenhagen.

Working exclusively with orthodontic.

Mie Henningsen

Dental assistant Graduated 1998, University of Copenhagen.


Assisting at orthodontic and surgical procedures.

Rikke Hartmann Andersen

Dental assistant Graduated 2013 University of Copenhagen.

Assisting at orthodontic and surgical procedures.

Henriette Møller Heitmann
Henriette Møller Heitmann
Dental assistant since 2016.