Privacy policy for Karin and Jonas Becktor Specialtandlæger ApS

You can read the clinic’s privacy policy regarding patient’s treatments below.

When you are a patient at the clinic, it is necessary that we register and process certain information about you.

We are obliged to do this according to the authorization act, the order record keeping and the health act.

We are also obliged to store the personal data we register and process securely, just as we are subejct to patient confidentiality. Disclosure of information regarding your health conditions can, if necessary, be exchanged internally at the clinic, whereas disclosure of health information to people etc. outside the clinic only can happen with your consent, cf. chapter 9 of the Health Act.

We register and process some personal information for billing purposes if this is necessary to complete a payment, e.g. via your region, municipality or insurance company.

The clinic is obliged to store your medical records until 10 years have past since you’ve been in contact with the clinic. Should you choose to change dentists, your medical records will be transferred to the new dentist. In special cases, as described in the order record keeping, we can keep your medical records in a longer period of time than described above.

Information about you, which the clinic keeps for billing purposes, are stored as long as they are relevant and aquired in regards to the clinics accounts and bookkeeping. Personal information for billing purposes is registered on the basis of article 6, stk. 1, litra b and f (until May 25 2018 the information is registered on the basis of the Personal Data Act § 6, stk. 1, nr. 2 and nr. 7).

At any time, you have the right to access the information the clinic registers and processes about you. If you believe we have registered wrong information about you, you can ask us to correct it. We are not allowed to delete information in your medical records but if you believe there to be an error, you can ask us to make a note with your remarks.

Should you wish to make a complaint regarding the clinic’s treatment of your personal data, you can send a complaint to the Data Protection Authority. Find more information at

It is the Danish Patient Safety Authoirty that supervises the rules in the health legislation. Find more information about the Danish Protection Authority at