Root resection

Periapical inflammation is an acute or chronic inflammation lesion around the apex of a tooth root, which is caused by bacterial invasion of the pulp of the tooth.

This condition is usually treated with a conventional root canal filling by the general dentist. In some cases, this treatment is not sufficient and the inflammation persists.
This inflammation can be asymptomatic, however it can increase in size and affect more of the jaw bone, and in addition the condition can become acute and cause severe swelling and pain.
Root resection is performed in local anesthesia if desired we can prescribe a sedative tablet.

Surgery lasts approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the tooth, but some additional time will be spend for preparation of surgery and postsurgical information. The inflamed part of root and the infection in the bone is removed, and the root apices are sealed with cement.
Postoperative pain, soreness and swelling after treatment is usually light to moderate. You have to stay calm the day of surgery.

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