Orthognathic Surgery

In adult patients with jaw discrepancies (i.e., size and/or position) surgical correction (orthognatic surgery) may be necessary. To achieve the best result where a functional and stable bite are the focus, it is necessary to perform a treatment combining teeth alignment and orthognathic surgery. Cooperation between the orthodontist and surgeon can lead to great results even in difficult situations. About 1% of the population have growth disturbances in the jaws, where this type of treatment is needed.

These treatments are performed in collaboration with Odense, Esbjerg, Aalborg and Århus Hospital.

The surgical procedure

The treatment is elaborately planned in a collaboration between our orthodontist and an orthognathic surgeon. The duration of the preliminary teeth alignment is approximately 1-1½ year in which you’ll wear braces, and afterwards the position of the jaws is corrected surgically.

Orthognathic surgery is performed in general anesthesia and is followed by 1-3 days at the hospitals bed ward. The surgical procedure can be concentrated on either the upper or lower jaw, or if necessary both jaws, depending on the scope of the growth disturbances. Afterwards the new jaw and dental position needs to be adjusted with braces for about a ½ year.  

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