Treatment in Deciduous and Mixed Dentition

Children who still have baby teeth are only treated to provide the best possible environment for the eruption of permanent teeth. We will either influence the position of the jaws to correct a disharmony between the upper and lower jaw, provide space for permanent teeth, or correct major single tooth anomalies.

Our goal is not to improve the cosmetic appearance of front teeth during the mixed dentition stage. Front teeth may be naturally spaced or rotated during this stage of life. This is a normal condition, and often improves without treatment.

Treatment in the mixed dentition phases lasts about twelve to eighteen months.

Treatment in the Permanent Dentition

The position of permanent teeth can be corrected once they have all erupted, mostly with fixed appliance. The average treatment time is about two years.

What to look for in an orthodontist

Orthodontist are dentists, who has completed a three year postgraduate program in addition too their normal dental education

There are different ways to practice orthodontics, and orthodontists may pursue a variety of different goals.

Though it may be possible to achieve an attractive smile through tooth alignment alone, a patient’s new smile will not last long if their bite is not corrected at the same time. Problems such as crooked teeth, gum issues (periodontitis), jaw joint degeneration (TMD) and tooth wear will (re)occur if your bite is not corrected.

We focus on giving our patients a healthy bite and an attractive smile. It is therefore our highest priority to ensure that your teeth are well positioned in healthy bone and in correct relation to your jaw joints by the end of your treatment.