An increasing number of adults decide to have their teeth straightened and their bite corrected

Beautiful teeth not only imply youth by creating an attractive smile, but are also a symbol of health and vitality. It is important to note that teeth remain healthier if positioned correctly.

Teeth, which are crooked but unaffected by jaw discrepancies, can be corrected using repositioning alone. Visible and invisible braces can be used.

Surgical correction (orthognatic surgery) may be necessary in the case of adult patients with jaw discrepancies (i.e. issues related to jaw joints size and/or position). This initially involves aligning the teeth using braces. The orthognatic surgeon will then correct the position of the jaws.

This type of treatment requires optimum cooperation between orthodontist and surgeon, which in turn facilitates excellent result- even in difficult situations.

What to look for in an orthodontist

Orthodontist are dentists, who has completed a three year postgraduate program in addition too their normal dental education

There are different ways to practice orthodontics, and orthodontists may pursue a variety of different goals.

Though it may be possible to achieve an attractive smile through tooth alignment alone, a patient’s new smile will not last long if their bite is not corrected at the same time. Problems such as crooked teeth, gum issues (periodontitis), jaw joint degeneration (TMD) and tooth wear will (re)occur if your bite is not corrected.

We focus on giving our patients a healthy bite and an attractive smile. It is therefore our highest priority to ensure that your teeth are well positioned in healthy bone and in correct relation to your jaw joints by the end of your treatment.