Information regarding COVID-19

Dear Patients

We are now allowed to schedule appoints for consultations, controls and treatments as before Covid-19

But we are still obliged to follow certain regulations.

– We must carry out strict hygiene procedures which means, that we must use visor, mouth mask and a special apron or medical coat.
– We must reduce the number of scheduled patients, in order to decrease the number of persons in the clinic.
– Newspaper, magazines or coffee are forbidden to be accessible in the waiting room

How should you behave as a patient?

If you have any flue like symptoms, or if there is a risk that you have been exposed to
Covid-19 you should NOT come to the clinic. Call us in order to reschedule your appointment.

Also, we ask accompanying persons to wait outside the clinic, in order to reduce the number of persons in the waiting room.
When you enter the clinic sanitize your hands, with the hand sanitizer located in the restroom or reception, and avoid to touch your face or any surfaces.

As Expected , we follow the national guidelines in relation to dental clinics and the guidelines from the board of health in relation to hygiene procedures.

You can find more information concerning Covid-19 on: