About your Orthodontic treatment

On the pages below you can read more about your treatment.

Your first visit

Your first visit will help us understand your chief complaint, and we will discuss different treatment options.

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Treatment planning

The next step is to perform detailed diagnostic procedures to prepare your treatment plan. In addition to photos of your face and teeth we will also take x-rays of your head and teeth. Then diagnostic material will be used to plan your treatment.

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Orthodontic therapy

The position of your teeth can be corrected at any stage of your life – even if you are of an advanced age.
In the case of growing children it is possible to exert a certain level of influence on the growth of the jaws.

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Your role in treatment success

The success and duration of your treatment depend to a great extent on you cooperation, but also on individual factors, such as tissue reactions, eruption pattern of teeth or jaw growth.

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